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ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol. 2  

ISKO™’s 2022 Collection Vol. 2 uses new technologies and fabrics that are part of our commitment to shaping the sustainable future of denim. It is our vision to provide solutions for all denim lovers’ dreams and needs across the world, always with a total dedication to Responsible Innovation™.

Made with R-TWO™ technology

As part of our commitment to rethinking production strategies, increasing transparency and avoiding waste at every stage, our ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol. 2 is made entirely with ISKO™’s revolutionary R-TWO™ technology.  

Certified to Textile Exchange credentials, the R-TWO™ fabrics in our ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol. 2 ensure the complete traceability of the raw materials used from field to final product. By using a blend of reused and recycled materials, they help decrease the usage of raw materials and improve sourcing efficiency, while preserving all the properties and benefits of each product. 

R-TWO™ offers a simple way for companies to switch from virgin to reused and recycled materials for all products in ISKO™’s collection.

In order to address the ongoing need for comfort, the collection takes much-loved ISKO™ innovations and adds sustainable updates for today’s consumer. For example, Jeggings™ stretch technology continues to deliver the ultimate, flattering skinny-look aesthetic with an extra twist of comfort and is now available in a new, sustainable version that uses up to 50% recycled material. This significant increase is the result of our work towards developing fabrics with a guaranteed minimum 50% recycled content blend.

Material Innovation

ISKO™ COMFORT combines denim's authentic look with added stretch to deliver comfort and hold with the familiar feeling of well-worn jeans. We have increased the recycled material content to over 50% – a marked boost that adds to a fabric’s sustainable credentials, whilst maintaining a soft cotton hand feel. The increased recycled content has the added bonus of making a fabric wrinkle resistant and quick to dry.

Available in two new colour options, Horizon Black and Horizon Navy. These colourways are created using an innovative dyeing process that keeps dust away from the fabric and never fades, ensuring the colour stays brilliant.

The Collection

The ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol. 2 further explores the four lifestyles introduced in our Vol. 1 CollectionDenim Lovers, Simplify, ISKO™ Comfy and Euphoria – building on a collection of glorious colour options and technical features to provide further inspiration for designers and brands to suit a myriad  different vibes and moods.

Where denim harks back to its roots.

Encompassing a unique combination of original constructions and stretch technologies, such as ISKO Recall™ and ISKO Reform™, the Denim Lovers lifestyle holds to the original legacy of denim, without compromising on comfort and freedom of movement. 

Catering to denim aficionados, the lifestyle adds modern twists to vintage-inspired washes. For example, pure indigo shades are incorporated, ranging from blues to blacks, which create a naturally green cast for an authentic, vintage look. 


The new level of basic.

Comprising clean and classic looks, this lifestyle brings together some of our best stretch, comfort and rigid fabrics. Simplify offers a large selection of shades – among these, ISKO EFD™ technology, which starts with an ecru-coloured base and can be dyed to any colour, from the palest pastel to the most vibrant tone.


When comfort and fashion become one and the same.

Focused on loose silhouettes and sporty fits, this lifestyle is all about feeling comfortable and fashionable, whether you're at work, lounging at home, or heading out on the town. 

The fabrics are soft with a flattering drape, embodying a cool, luxe vibe that looks effortless. ISKO Bluejym™ technology perfectly embraces this mood by preserving the original look of denim, while offering the feel and comfort of a knitwear solution - particularly suitable for oversized silhouettes. 

The range features washes with luxurious touches, such as metallic finishes and soft rinses, and more youthful, modern examples such as eco-bleach, crazy dyeing and colourful garments.


Denim meets high-fashion.

The Euphoria lifestyle takes inspiration from the world of high fashion, with a nod towards both the directional, fashion-forward styles and polished, sophisticated looks seen on the catwalk. Versatile and eclectic, it includes foils, glitters, cheerful styles and bold coatings, resulting in unique options to experiment with creativity. 

A vegan alternative to leather, ISKO Jeather™ is the perfect expression of this lifestyle. With the look and touch of leather and the fit and feel of real denim, this fabric has great stretch for a figure-hugging, flattering fit and is available in a range of finishes and weights, making it a year-round favourite for streetwise fashionistas.


Our Commitment

Every lifestyle in this forward-thinking collection was created with our wider vision to shape the future of denim. We weave responsibility, creativity, authenticity and comfort into every fiber of every fabric. 

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