POSTED ON Feb 17, 2022


At the height of sustainability, our new collection celebrates seasonless denim that continues to innovate, push boundaries and drive your sustainability mission.

Trend Setting
Each of these new trends champions responsible production, offering sustainable denim fabrics that allow you to be creative with your collections.

Introducing R-TWO50+ technology
A number of the fabrics within our new collection utilise R-TWO50+ technology. These fabrics are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content, which is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. This new R-TWO™ generation retains the unique properties of ISKO™’s statement fabrics, while significantly reducing the carbon and water footprint.  

This latest collection also features more alternative fibres, such as hemp, and continues to challenge what it means to be truly responsible in today’s age.

Versatile denim for everyday wear.

Denim Nation celebrates the versatility of fashion denim, crafted using performance-led technology.

From super stretch to slim and wide leg silhouettes, this is denim that’s designed to be worn all day long, inspired by adaptable and genderless denim fashion.

Discover denim fabrics with stretch features and the comfort of broken-in jeans, featuring cotton touch and invisible stretch technology. This collection includes ISKO™ COMFORT, ISKO™ REFORM and ISKO BLUE SKIN™, a revolution in 360°, dynamic stretch denim.

Denim Nation features the following fabrics: ISKO™ COMFORT, RIGIDFLEX™, JEGGINGS™, ISKO BLUE SKIN™, ISKO XMEN’S™, ISKO POP™, ISKO EFD™, Back to Black, Summer Colours.


Heritage denim, updated.

Mixing traditional techniques with earthy hues inspired by nature, New Origin combines heritage denim and modern-day fabrics using recycled materials. A trend that goes back to nature, New Origin is inspired by the original heritage denim, with dobby and nappy constructions, and an earthy colour palette, enhanced by environmentally responsible fibres.

A key fabric for this collection is ISKO™ Rigid. Designed with nostalgia in mind, it features the rigid and traditional look of denim canvas, combined with modern innovations.

New Origin features the following fabrics: ISKO™ COMFORT, ISKO™ Rigid, ISKO EFD™, Back to Black.


Nostalgic denim to spark creativity.

Get creative with grunge-effect washes, rigid stone wash denim, nostalgic silhouettes and unexpected detailing, inspired by denim fashions of days gone by. Surprising detailing such as cut-outs and 5-pocket jeans combine with masculine cuts and feminine fabrics, for fashion-forward styles and silhouettes. Dark washes meet bright pop colours and inner stretch technology that enhances wearability, style and fit.

Including the ISKO POP™ fabric, which adds a distinct brilliance to a range of indigo shades, this collection also features ISKO EFD™, or ‘Eco For Dye’ and comfort fabrics that use invisible stretch technology.

ISKO™ Reborn features the following fabrics: ISKO™ COMFORT, ISKO XMEN’S™, ISKO POP™, ISKO EFD™, Back to Black, Summer Colours, Catwalk.


Performance denim crafted for all.

ISKO™ MOTION movement-friendly denim stays ahead of the curve, easily adapting to all shapes and sizes for comfort and style. This performance denim is a collection that champions inclusion and is designed for both comfort and style.

ISKO™ MOTION includes a range of innovative products, such as ISKO BLUE SKIN™ – a revolution in 360°, dynamic stretch denim, offering superior freedom of movement and a unique 3D shaping effect.

ISKO™ MOTION features the following fabrics: JEGGINGS™, ISKO BLUE SKIN™ , ISKO X-MEN’S™, ISKO EFD™, Back to Black, ISKO™ REFORM.


Soft denim that’s in your comfort zone.

Where denim meets the height comfort, discover ultra-soft, light denim fabrics and athleisure fits to create pieces that work with you. Driven by the need to be comfortable in your jeans, Chill Zone strikes a balance between sporty and functional – always prioritising comfort. Discover sporty-chic styles, denim inspired by yoga wear, and intimate denim, where details from the underwear world are re-interpreted with high performances fabrics.

Chill Zone combines our most performance-led products, including JEGGINGS™ fabric, famous for its body-sculpting support and authentic denim look.

Chill Zone features the following fabrics: ISKO™ COMFORT, JEGGINGS™, ISKO BLUE SKIN™, ISKO X-MEN’S™, ISKO POP™ Stretch, ISKO EFD™, BLUEJYM™.


Our Commitment

While every trend has a responsible focus, each one contributes to an innovative, forward-thinking, and sustainable collection for 2023 that builds on our brand DNA; to shape the future of fabric.


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