POSTED ON Apr 9, 2019

An emotional walk in nature by Filippa K

Two women of different ages, walk through different paths surrounded by thriving nature: the sunlight filtering through the branches of the trees, the bright color of the leaves, the relaxed, inspired attitude of the women all lead to a final embrace in front of a romantic lake view. We met Claudio Giordano, the director of the Denim Story of Filippa K for Vogue Italia, so he could tell us more about his inspiration for the video and his relationship with denim.

The denim story by Filippa K

How is your relationship with denim and how do you think it translates into a visual story?
I create my relationship with denim on a daily basis since I wear jeans, denim shirts and jackets almost every day. Starting from my personal experience, I think that denim can be translated visually into a personal and intimate story.

How did you come up with the storyboard?
I completed the final storyboard reflecting about the relationship of the brand with denim, trying to get closer to what they want to communicate about their world. I mainly took as an inspiration the settings of Malick's films: extremely poetic images of nature.

What kind of brand did you want to represent?
Two pieces literally got my attention, so I decided to put them in the spotlight to show the denim essence of Filippa K. These were the denim jacket worn in the video by Patrizia and the jeans worn by Noëlle Isabelle.

Do you have a favorite denim piece?
My favorite denim piece is undoubtedly jeans. Since I can remember, they have always been my first choice because of their comfort, and sometimes also for their elegance.

 What's the challenge of telling the story of an ingredient brand like ISKO denim?
The biggest challenge was certainly to harmonize Filippa K with a message that could also represent Isko's identity. Combine nature with jeans and musical emotionality with the expressiveness of the models. I wanted to make a film that could leave room for personal feelings, and that at the same time could also embrace those who watch.


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