POSTED ON Feb 26, 2019

ArmedAngels: fairness is never out of fashion

Fair fashion instead of fast fashion. Since it was founded, the German brand ArmedAngels - GOTS certified since 2011 - has been aiming to work with the highest respect for people and nature, with the mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. True to this approach, they chose to focus mainly on modern and contemporary collections that can last a long time instead of simply chasing the latest trends.

The brand’s main focus keeps being a very eco-conscious take on denim.

CEO Martin Höfeler shared the beginnings of ArmedAngels, the importance in taking action in the fashion industry, both as a brand and as a consumer, and about that pair of jeans of quality denim that he loved so much he wore for years, following his eco philosophy: “If you love a pair of denim, you fix it”

How did you start your brand?
I started it during my studies to change the fashion industry and create a beautiful product.

What do you think that you know about the industry right now?
Everyone talks about sustainability – even consumers – but, only a small number of people are taking action. This needs to change, the masses have to start behaving differently, and we can do this by making our product convincing.

Who needs to change first, the industry or the consumer?
The consumer can change his mindset. The industry also helps in shaping the mindset of the consumer. If you tell people to come to your store every day because you have a new piece, you can’t blame them for doing so. We need to go for more lasting pieces, pieces that have a value for the consumer. We need to go to stores once a month, not every day.

Your favorite denim piece?
If I love a pair of jeans, I wear it for a really long time. I had this pair I wore for years, it got bleached, fabric got thinner, it got holes at some point. I tried to fix it myself just because I loved it so much. If you love a pair of denim you fix it.


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