POSTED ON Apr 29, 2021

ISKO™ Launches bluesign® APPROVED Fabrics

New horizons are here for reaching ISKO™’s ground-breaking active and performance-wear sustainability goals. 

ISKO is proud to announce the launch of bluesign® APPROVED fabrics. The only denim mill in Europe with bluesign® APPROVED fabrics, and one of the highest achievements in sustainability. This certification is awarded only to those that meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign® CRITERIA. 

Sustainability at the Centre
These certified fabrics are made from bluesign® APPROVED chemicals and raw materials, manufactured with a minimum impact on people and the environment. This enables us to provide safe products to our consumers which are verified as a bluesign® PRODUCT.

Through our bluesign® partnership and our recent fabric certifications, we continue our vision towards a textile and fashion industry that has a positive, long-lasting impact on the world. 

“When the goal is big, the effort is big. Choosing the right partner means taking safe steps. In this sense, I can gladly say that we will continue on our way with the bluesign® chemical follow-up process.”  
- Ebru ÖZKÜÇÜK, Head of Sustainability ISKO™

Vision for the Future
This new certification is a part of our larger sustainability strategy, and as this partnership deepens we have plans to certify additional bluesign® APPROVED articles.

Read ISKO™’s Sustainability Report


“It is a great pleasure to acknowledge ISKO as the only denim mill in Europe with bluesign® APPROVED fabrics, showing their highest commitment to responsible production, responsible chemistry and responsible use of resources. As a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER, ISKO is a visionary and a leader in the textile industry. We are proud to support them in their quest towards excellence in sustainable textile manufacturing.”
- Jill Dumain, CEO, bluesign® technologies

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