POSTED ON Feb 9, 2022

Branded Stories: ISKO™️ x HIUT Denim Co.

Where there was once a thriving denim factory that saw over 35,000 pairs of jeans being made yearly, the small town of Cardigan, Wales, came to a grinding halt in 2002. A victim of the economic crash, this world-renowned denim industry was all but over – until David and Clare Hiatt revived it. Their brand, HIUT Denim Co. set out on a mission to restore “the blue blood of the town” and its rich history, where craftsmanship and sustainability is inherently valued.

HIUT is now one of the biggest independent denim labels in the world, with an emphasis on crafting low-impact, environmentally conscious denim. The key to their success? “Innovation and sustainability are incredibly important to us,” says HIUT’s product manager Sara Ladd. “If you innovate, you can change the denim world in a good way.” We sat down with HIUT to explore why their partnership with ISKO™ contributes to this very goal.



From the beginning, choosing a sustainable denim supplier that “shared the same values and was in the same environmental headspace” was vital to bettering their brand, says Sara. HIUT began working with ISKO™ in 2012, as they offered the technology they needed, all with local proximity in mind.

“We initially launched with a different supplier, but we were shipping the fabric from one country to another, which didn't make sense. Now, we only ship the fabrics five hours away by car – and being able to visit the ISKO™ Creative Room in London means we can get started as soon as we get back to our factory,” Sara explains.

 HIUT designs for all types of customers, valuing quality and sustainability over trend-led or directional designs. Choosing ISKO R-TWO™ to help create their timeless styles and make them more sustainable has been a collaborative process.

“We use darker fabrics in our core range. ISKO™’s two new R-TWO™ products have up to 50% recycled materials, which would ordinarily be wasted in the production process. The ISKO R-TWO™ innovation means a darker wash but soft hand feel – it’s perfect for our Rosie Slim Fit Utility Jean, which has a looser fit and is just unbelievably comfortable,” says Sara.

Along with the use of ISKO™ eco-efficient denim fabrics, HIUT’s ethos is intrinsically sustainable. From never having used plastic in their packaging, to the “potato sack-like… (but very stylish potato sacks!)” that their jeans are sent out in, HIUT Denim is proud to continue to build on their environmental efforts.

“About 75% of our core range is sustainable in some element and by being made to order and not over-producing items, we’re trying to push to the next level. We’re grateful that we have suppliers such as ISKO™ that are on that same journey with us.” Sara says.

At ISKO™, our commitment to sustainability and Responsible Innovation™ is the driver behind everything we do, from our products to our partners.

Learn more about ISKO R-TWO™ technology


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