Can we undo the past?

Ctrl+Z is a circularity revolution in fibre and fabric construction. Ctrl+Z fabrics are made from a pure blend of recycled cotton and polyester with regenerated cellulosic fibres.

The Ctrl+Z technology can be applied to all ISKO products. The results look and feel identical to their traditional denim counterparts with unmatched durability.

strongest recycled denim ever

Ctrl+Z is performance technology. In laboratory tests, Ctrl+Z fabrics outperform the market’s traditional and recycled denim products in combined abrasion, tear, and tensile strength. Products have a significantly longer lifespan and increased durability.

choose to move in the right circle

Ctrl+Z is circularity. By using recycled materials, textile waste is kept out of landfills. The manufacturing process also conserves resources and uses safe chemical processing.

from recycled to recyclable

Ctrl+Z is a major step towards a circular denim industry. Made from recycled materials, fabrics are made to be fully recyclable with the newest recycling technologies, enabling a fully circular system.

durable, long-lasting denim fashion

Ctrl+Z is performance technology for fashion. Clothing made with Ctrl+Z is more durable than traditional denim. It gives garments a longer lifespan while supporting a low-impact lifestyle.

purely recycled and regenerated fibres

Ctrl+Z fabrics are made entirely from recycled cotton and polyester fibres with regenerated cellulose. The recycled cotton comes from textiles that are discarded in the yarn, fabric, and apparel production process.

save materials, prevent waste

Ctrl+Z technology is better for the environment. Recycling cotton and polyester fibres diverts waste from landfills and its production requires less resources.

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