POSTED ON Feb 4, 2020

Dancing with Denim: ISKO™ x Bianca Saunders

Rising-star Bianca Saunders recently launched her Autumn/Winter 2020 collection at London Fashion Week Mens, with ISKO™’s sustainable-certified denim used throughout the collection. In her show-stopping showcase coloured with dance and denim, Bianca Saunders explores and intricately connects her strong heritage and the artistry and movement of fabric within her designs. 

The young designer’s work truly embodies our values at ISKO™. From responsible innovation to an intense passion for pushing the boundaries of fashion and a curiosity for unearthing new concepts through fabric.

Dancehall Denim

Inspired by vintage VHS recordings of dancehall parties from London and beyond within the Caribbean community, Bianca’s collection considers how garments connect us to movement, culture, and, ultimately, each other: “This is a collection about my background, about my heritage. I used distortion, things that curved, and always a play with gender, and how we see masculine clothes,” says Bianca. 

Here, our denim truly embodies this idea of movement, and connection. The inside seam of each pair of Bianca’s denim jeans curves outwards, creating a dedication to continuous movement. The denim shirts at first appear to be in contrast to this, with their shoulder point brought closer to the neck in a topstitch. Yet this is harmonious with the concept of movement, allowing the sleeve of the shirt to contour to the body, opening the door to fluidity and flexibility.

All ISKO™ denim at Bianca Saunders’ London Fashion Week launch

Responsible Sustainability

Working with responsibly sourced denim was critical for Bianca, who was eager to carefully and consciously minimise the environmental impact of sourcing and building her collection. 

At ISKO™, we are committed to this ethos; sustainable innovation is the driving force behind everything we touch; it’s in our DNA. From our ever-evolving ideas and creative solutions to the invention of new products, this dedication remains constant. Our denim is certified by third parties as sustainable and / or recycled. We’re always working on new ways to pioneer; from our ISKO R-TWO™ programme to collaborations with exciting young designers like Bianca Saunders who share our passion for the planet. 


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