POSTED ON Feb 11, 2022

Denim for all, and all for denim

That denim is versatile is a fact. Maybe more than ever nowadays. There are so many different tastes when it comes to the look of denim. While some people prefer a more toned-down look so they can wear denim to almost every occasion, there are also people who want to wear a totally worn-out pair of jeans. And there are countless options in between – not to mention fit, colours and finishes. 

Name a type of jeans, and you can get your hands on it. The fact that there’s denim for everyone, no matter your body type or your personal preferences, is why denim is here to stay forever. You can’t go wrong with denim, and you won’t get bored with denim. 

However, we are paying a price to get such a wide palette of denim in the stores nowadays. The industry is constantly searching for new eco-friendly production ways to create these new developments and get these outspoken styles into stores on time. 

Do you remember the days when denim was only available as an unwashed (rigid) style? The period when you wore one single pair of jeans day in, day out, to get a naturally worn-in look? 

This period changed when washings and finishes became popular, and a new standard was set, as people didn’t want to start from scratch each time with a new pair of rigid jeans that had to be broken in. 

What if we could turn back time, to go back before this explosion of denim styles and finishes took over, to start wearing denim again as it was in the beginning? Maybe we would buy fewer pairs, but of better quality, as untreated denim is always the most durable. Maybe we would wear our jeans as much as possible again, without replacing them so frequently, or having too many alternatives in our wardrobes. And maybe we would wash them less often, too, just like your winter jacket. Who knows… 

In the end, the wide range of denim fabrics available now is what makes denim what it is today. It has grown into a true champion that can’t be beaten by any other garment. And let’s be honest, everyone looks cool in denim – no matter how you’re wearing it. It’s a love that never disappears. So, denim for all, and all for denim! 

Wouter Munnichs 
Long John 
Instagram: @longjohn_denimblog 

Wouter Munnichs is the founder of Long John, a daily online magazine dedicated to the denim industry. He also works as a freelance denim specialist for brands and retailers, and was named 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Long John celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021.


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