POSTED ON Feb 14, 2020

Denim in Contrast: ISKO™ x Blanche

ISKO™ x Blanche

It’s not often that we get to be part of such a truly unique collaboration, bringing together the forward-thinking and contemporary womenswear brand Blanche. We’re proud to be the denim ingredient featured in much of the Autumn/Winter capsule collection presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020. 

The collection takes inspiration from both Scandanavian minimalism and French maximalism, creating a powerful harmony of feminine glamour, bold prints and masculine materials. ISKO Earth Fit™ denim is utilised throughout, creating a truly dynamic, high-fashion yet casual ready-to-wear capsule collection. 

The Power of Contrast

Blanche’s 20-piece capsule collection harnesses the art, and power, of contrast. Designs mix the wild and bold prints that are synonymous with Blanche’s contemporary interpretation of feminine simplicity. 

Adding fire to the flame, Blanche uses masculine, work-wear inspired denim and detailing that nods to military uniform aesthetics. Here, raw, overdyed denim mixes with soft cashmere and delicate silk. The result is a contrasting yet harmonious collection of style and colour, with pieces that can be worn together or alone for a subtle yet forceful expression of the new feminine.

Autumn/Winter Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020 show

Sustainable Denim: ISKO Earth Fit™

Blanche was an ideal collaboration for ISKO™. Our brands are each built on a foundation of sustainable practices, and our teams are composed of designers and innovators who are fueled by a love for the planet. Blanche sources a large majority of their materials from organic or GOTS-certified sources, or from leftover fabric. 

ISKO Earth Fit™ was the ideal denim to be used in the capsule collection as it prioritises this type of sustainable production. Made with lower impact raw material such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled polyester, ISKO Earth Fit™ is an exemplary part of our responsible innovation strategy. An artful combination of craftsmanship and creativity, each ISKO Earth Fit™ garment used in this collection was carefully washed, printed and lasered by hand in Italy.


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