POSTED ON Jul 12, 2019

Unique and down to earth: denim in the words of Kai Margrander

Why is denim so special and why is it considered a timeless icon? We met someone that literally knows everything about fashion editorials and the latest trends: Kai Margrander, Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar Germany, shared with us some of his thoughts about the legendary fabric, that He calls a “styling miracle”: from denim’s peculiar role in high street and luxury fashion, to its unique personality and the importance of practices like upcycling and recycling.

What’s the role of denim in fashion?
For more then a hundred years, denim has been a basic found only in jeans and jackets. Since it was an unmissable basic, it became a fixed standard in every men’s closet and from the ‘60s also in every women’s. Today with all the contemporary treatments and its variations, denim is much more versatile and found its own identity in almost every fashion collection from high street to the luxury couture houses of Paris.

Why denim never goes out of fashion?
As I said, denim became a wardrobe classic which is always in demand. Not only for its comfort: you can match denim with every color, material and with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. Denim is a styling miracle that gives instant coolness to everything.

How can denim be at the same time affordable and exclusive?
What makes denim so special is the ability to transform itself and go from street credibility to couture garment.

Upcyling denim and vintage findings: do you think these practices have an impact on the future of fashion?
I truly believe that recycling and upcycling are going to be the biggest fashion trends in the future. Human kind is starting to realize only now, maybe too late, in front of all the ecological challenges from climate change to the ocean pollution, that we are really exploiting the resources of our planet, and that we are risking our own extinction if we keep doing so. Among all the things and behaviors that can help saving our planet, fashion surely can be a very powerful tool that can help customers to become more conscious.

What’s the advice you’d give to someone that wants to buy a pair of jeans that can become their love piece?
That’s a very personal matter. As every person has its very own body and personality, also every pair of jeans has its very own characteristics. Keep on trying and you will find the perfect partner, maybe not for a lifetime, but at least for many years.


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