POSTED ON Jul 26, 2019

Denim Made in Heaven – Chloe Lonsdale and M.i.h. Jeans

It’s undeniable that Chloe Lonsdale was born with denim in her dna: Made in Heaven, founded by her Godfather in 1969, was the first British denim label. The brand was launched during the rise of London’s youth counter-culture, when jeans became the uniform of choice for the young, the hip and the rock’n’roll.

M.i.H. Paradise Capsule Collection by ISKO

Chloe decided since she was a teenager she would have pursued a career with denim:  “My first jean memory is when I discovered all my father’s jeans in the attic of our house. He stored all the jeans there, not only the ones that he and my mum wore, but all those left from his retail activity. From that day on I was in love with jeans. I remember properly wearing them for a year: that was my defining moment and I understood what I was destined to do”.

Since Chloe relaunched the London denim brand as M.i.h. Jeans in 2006, she has always been dedicated to a sustainable production: the brand launched the Paradise Capsule, a statement of their intent to lead the way in denim sustainability and to advocate for change within the denim industry.

Harper All In One

The Paradise Capsule has been exclusively developed for M.i.h. Jeans in partnership with ISKO, and it consists of five styles made in a new responsible denim. Since we are the only denim mill in the world to be awarded the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental certifications, this helped create the most sustainable denim ever produced by M.i.h. Jeans.


The Paradise denim is a selvedge denim made with organic cotton, ensuring no chemicals were used in the cotton farming process and water use was dramatically reduced. The denim has been dyed and finished with certified low impact treatments, and the pieces have been washed with innovative treatments to ensure the least amount of water-wastage, to reduce environmental impact as far as possible. Chloe firmly decided to never leave any detail to the case, so to pursue at best her research in the denim production and pioneer change.


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