POSTED ON May 16, 2019

Denim sound textures at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

ISKO celebrates 10 years of partnership and 10th anniversary of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The pioneering event has focused the fashion industry's gaze on sustainability for 10 years, encouraging not only the protection of the environment but also the creation of successful sustainable business models. Topics covered at the summit include climate change, human rights and resource scarcity, with an eye on the future health and wealth of the fashion industry and the beautiful world we live in.
As main sponsor of the 2019 edition, ISKO presented a one-of-a-kind exhibition showcasing responsible fabrics, created as the result of a unique mindset valuing the planet and its people, which can now be “listened to” for the very first time.
Denim Sound Textures: 10 unexpected interpretations of denim, to celebrate 10 years of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

Designer and influencer Marina Testino was with us at the Summit and took a tour in the ISKO Denim Sound Textures booth. Marina Testino promotes environmental awareness and sustainability through her own projects and brand Point Off View. She recently worked on two projects: #OneDressToImpress, when she wore a color-block red dress for two months, and #YellowLikeALemon where she wore only sustainable yellow garments to raise awareness to world’s second most polluting industry.

Denim Sound Textures
Sound designer Chiara Luzzana curated the sound around ten of our technologies that have been matched to ten denim sculptures, created and designed for a 360° stimulating journey.
The sounds created are a crafted musical sublimation of the first experience involving denim in sound design. The initial melody, made with a string of ISKO Jool™, conveys a soft and warm weave, adding to it a more complex nature to decipher.
It moves onto ISKO Pop™’s shiny surface, with dynamic and crisp sounds. ISKO™ Selvedge is ironic and strong, like an electronic drum from the 80s. ISKO Future Face™’s beat is catchy, clear and captivating. ISKO™ Straight Stretch is a linear sound complemented by the energy of ISKO Reform™, a series of samples played in reverse. ISKO™ Cosy and the tridimensional sound of ISKO Blue Skin™ NudeSkin have a calming effect, the latter recorded with a binaural microphone capturing the sound as if heard by a human ear. The sound experience is completed with a visual interpretation of ISKO Jeggings™ and ISKO Cottonized™.


“This experiential event is the result of ISKO’s focus on pushing the unlimited possibilities of denim: an ongoing technical, aesthetic and functional research process which highlights the core values of the company – competencecreativitysocial and environmental responsibility– as its leading force.” Fabio Di Liberto, ISKO Brand Director

Read more about ISKO’s history at the Summit in the interview to our Global Field Marketing Manager Elena Faleschini.


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