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ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures comes to Osaka, Japan 

Find ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures from 12 October  – 4 November at Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. Free entry. 

What’s on in Osaka: ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures at Daimaru Shinsaibashi

We’ve partnered with Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka to celebrate the long-awaited re-opening of the iconic department store in Japan. Crafting a surprising and multi-sensory experience, our event challenges the once-rigid boundaries between fashion, space, time and sound. Along with a hand-picked collection of luxury fashion brands, our immersive and electric micro-installation disrupts the concept of how fashion fits into our physical world. 

Where and when can I see it? 

The ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures exhibition runs from 12 October  – 4 November 2019 at Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. Premiering at Milano Design Week in April 2019, Denim Sound Textures is a partnership with Milano Fuorisalone for Osaka x Milano Design Link. One of the best things to do in Japan this month, our exhibition celebrates our dedication to responsible innovation, sustainable fashion and our pursuit to deconstruct and accelerate the endless possibilities of denim.

What is the sound of denim?

This interactive event goes beyond the world we know, creating a space where fabric can be listened to, for the very first time. 
We know what denim feels like; but what does denim sound like? Using our cutting-edge technology and a finely-tuned understanding of denim, we’ve collaborated with Sound Designer and artist Chiara Luzzana to discover what this rich and complex fabric truly sounds like. Along with a hand-picked collection of luxury fashion brands, including Hugo, Replay, O'Neill and Big John, we’re discovering how to truly listen. The first project of its kind, we’re proud to pioneer the research process of how far the concept of denim can be pushed. 

ISKO denim x the power of seven

ISKO’s Responsible Innovation™ is behind some of the world’s most famous denim collections. Our fabrics hold a dedication to sustainability in their DNA, just like our brand. Here, seven of our most famous certified denim fabrics and technologies, including ISKO Reform™, ISKO Blue Skin™ and ISKO™ Selvedge, are interpreted by seven international brands with seven distinct ‘sounds of denim’. The exhibition also features seven bespoke denim sculptures designed by studio DWA, adding to the immersive 360° journey. 

ISKO™ Touch

The acoustic, tactile, and visual complexities of denim are deconstructed, interpreted and expressed. Each unique sound is released by touching the fabrics, which feature ISKO™ Touch technology: a textile interface that uses human touch to generate the essence of the fabric in a never-before-heard audio expression. Crafting an intense dialogue between the senses, denim here becomes disruptive; unexpected. But, at its core, remains the statement fabric we’ve dedicated our brand to advancing. 

Chiara Luzzana: “I don't need a musical instrument when life plays the best notes” 

Sound textures have been extracted and played from denim fabrics by artist Chiara Luzzana. The denim technologies were recorded by the artist using specific microphones and techniques: “Each fabric had its own voice. Denim is a rich instrument because of its texture and how it changes from one technology to another. The sound frequencies are intense and powerful. This project started out from one single concept: each fabric is a breathing weave; each has distinct characteristics, and a different sound.” 

Why Japan? 

Japan has a unique flow of energy that makes its fashion scene creative, wild and unlike anywhere else in the world. Japanese street style is legendary; where colourful, exaggerated and sometimes cartoon-like pieces exist at once with refined, high-quality fabrics and graceful silhouettes. Japan’s fashion culture walks to the beat of its own drum, with a dedication to emerging brands and a do-what-you-want attitude that marches forward in ways the fashion industry around the globe hopes to capture. Our exhibition celebrates these values: a mix of uncompromising innovative and cutting-edge solutions that seeks to push the boundaries of what you know, what you think, and what’s possible.

Japanese Street Style | Photo Credit: Koen
Find ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures from 12 October  – 4 November at Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. Free entry. 


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