POSTED ON Mar 4, 2019

Denim Voices: What’s denim to you?

We hopped from streets to showrooms, from boutiques to offices, and asked people in and out of the fashion industry what their thoughts were on denim. They told us their everyday stories, personal style notes, and the need to raise awareness on what we buy, to protect the environment and work on a better future.

Denim Portraits: people and their love for denim.

LOVE PIECE – Denim as daily rotation
Everyone loves denim, that is a fact: “There is something that is simple and beautiful about it”. There are multiple reasons to keep on using this fabric: people love it because of its durability, versatility, and the people interviewed told us they wear denim almost on a daily basis: some four times a week, and some every day: “I wear jeans with a tee every day, that is my statement”.

STYLE – Versatile and personal
“I grew up with denim, it is very Americana, you can dress it up, dress it down, you can wear it with everything”. Denim can match every kind of style you may want to wear: it fits every kind of shape, it feels great and it lasts longer. From streetwear and casualwear matched with sneakers, you can also dress up with denim for a fully elegant outfit as shown at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

RESPONSIBILITY – A more conscious industry
“There has been a lot of irresponsibility in the fashion industry, people have been designing without thinking of the implications”. Times now are changing and every part of the production, from sourcing to stitching, can be tracked responsibly, and we listened to what we wanted to hear: “It is a matter of responsibility in fashion: it’s about the environment, since we live such in a major time in terms of climate change”. The concept of value, as well, can involve the many lives and the origin of the fabric: “It is not about price: it is about the value we give to it.”

CHANGE – Awareness is the key
“The fashion industry holds such a unique perspective: we are at the beginning of a very fundamental change and it is necessary to embrace this transformation”. Denim can be a strong agent of this process, it can be upcycled and turned into unexpected, edgy pieces of every kind of style: but do every potential purchaser know about this? “It is about educating the consumers so they can be aware of all the things we can do for the industry to make it a bit better”.


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Celebrating Denim: a poetic trip in nature by M.i.h

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