POSTED ON Oct 25, 2019

ISKO™ x Amazon Fashion

ISKO™ meets Amazon Fashion

We’re proud to be part of Destination Denim, an extraordinary and energetic celebration of fashion, technology innovation, knowledge exchange, and most importantly, all things denim. The festival, the first ever experiential event of its kind, will take place in Berlin’s Kuehlhaus from 24 – 27 October 2019. Kuehlhaus is an expansive and imposing industrial space of the city’s past, which acts as a dramatic backdrop for the artistic and cultural fusing of the fashion world’s future. 

Event highlights include a performance from singers Liam Payne and Jorja Smith, a tech-focused digital catwalk with 3D displays, as well as workshops and exciting panel talks. The event is open to the public, and the festival will also be live streamed for users to virtually experience. Amazon have also introduced interactive features from playlists to tutorials and denim edits curated by fashion influencers on their website. A full list of events is available online

The spirit of ISKO™

This monumental festival captures the spirit of ISKO: a dedication to opening important dialogues in our community, supporting the transcendence of once accepted norms and questioning the boundaries between where life starts and fashion ends. 

Our very own Elena Faleschini, Global Field Marketing Manager for ISKO, will take part in a spirited discussion on ‘Sustainability and Designing for the Future of Denim’. Elena manages and defines business strategies for our key clients globally, and has worked across global markets for household names including Coty Group, Diesel, Al Tayer Group, and House of Fraser.

Keith O'Brien, ISKO’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, will moderate the panel discussion. Keith has over 12 years’ experience within the fashion retail industry across Europe, with experience at River Island, Dorothy Perkins, and Burton Menswear. The sold out panel will tackle the big issues; from understanding the journey of denim from fabric to store shelves to the question of innovation, and how to demand change.    

Meet Elena Faleschini, Global Field Marketing Manager for ISKO™

What is denim sustainability?

It’s a well-documented, but often-ignored fact that cotton – the source of all denim – is one of the most environmentally damaging fabrics produced by the fashion industry. Doing things that no one has done before is part of our DNA. Does this have to come at a cost? We’ve never thought so. However, thinking and doing are different, and our understanding of the fashion world guides our thinking into action. Our panel aims to inspire and share ideas on what brands, businesses and consumers can do to ensure a more fair fashion of the future. We’ll join G-STAR, Wrangler and Kings of Indigo to discuss the path towards true sustainability.

ISKO Denim Jeans hanging with blue lights

ISKO R-Two™: Reuse, recycle and recover 

For us, sustainability in fashion is not an option. Our R-Two™ program delivers a futuristic and innovative approach to sustainability. It ensures that only reused and certified recycled materials are used in our denim and any new fabrics we’re working on. The use of reused cotton in our program is truly pioneering in impact reduction. Avoidance of every kind of waste is always our priority, and where waste creation is unavoidable, we strive to reuse, recycle, and recover any and all wasted resources. When disposal is the only viable option, we manage it in the most environmentally responsible way we can. We also refuse to source more material than we need. We support innovation in the fashion world and in our community, but always with an understanding of our responsibility.

Miles Johnson's collection from ISKO R-Two™


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