POSTED ON Jun 19, 2019


ELEVATE is a hymn to inclusion and freedom of expression. Presented for the first time at 2017 Copenhagen Fashion Summit to showcase I- SKOOL finalists' collections, this inspirational movie celebrates students’ vision for the future, as tomorrow’s game changers.

 Freedom Strings hit the Sun
Just the right way
Above legal lines, morally fair 
Elevate myself a note
: my heart is purple – kind
- like an eggplant
Streaked with ribbons of lime 
Untied by the palm of hand. 

The DO washes our battle to shore
Dripped blue and aware
to finish with a human share. 
We are the future 
Ears stop stare 
Palm turning to Arm
Raised fingers a hand on
A shoulder warming up my hair. 
Creating the surface in which
we wear,
a freedom song 
Holding a Vibrato 
Longer much longer 
For the future is in us, it’s us.
It’s there. 



Sustainability in fashion is not an option

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