POSTED ON Feb 3, 2023

Everything is connected: from denim to athleisure

“Better planet, better you” is the philosophy behind Ezgi Utan’s Lando Studio yogawear. As a long-time yogini herself, Ezgi is passionate about creating ethical yogawear made with integrity. Developed in partnership with ISKO, Lando Studio’s collection of yogawear is both high-performance and sustainably produced.

Ezgi spoke about the development of the concept and collection with ISKO Category Leader, Mirela Slowik, and moderator, Andrea Greuner, in a panel talk at the Fashionsustain Conference last week in Düsseldorf.

Everything is connected, from Ezgi’s point of view. Practicing yoga and mind-body health is ironic if the clothing and mat we practice with use toxic chemicals and can cause cancer in the body and to the planet.

This irony inspired Ezgi to create a better yogawear alternative. She had a clear idea for her product but needed the technical expertise to fulfil her specific list of requirements. So why would an athleisure brand like Lando Studio approach a denim brand like ISKO?

“Athleisurewear is an evolution from denim,” says Mirela. She explains that ISKO’s know-how and engineering is applied from high-performance stretch denim to athleisure. The fibres are different, but the technology is the same.

ISKO invests heavily in textile engineering and leads the industry in stretch technology. When a company brings specific needs to ISKO, a suitable product likely already exists or can be developed. In the case of Lando Studio, ISKO’s Blue Skin™ material offers high-performance and 360° stretch comfort and was an excellent match. Of course, performance is only half of the story. What about non-toxicity and sustainability?

According to Ezgi, developing sustainable activewear is much harder than developing sustainable casual wear because activewear has more technical specifications. Just using recycled materials is not enough.

ISKO’s Blue Skin™ material is composed of 79% recycled materials. Mirela explains that using recycled materials requires a further level of engineering to ensure that the performance is as high as or even better than virgin fibres. And that is the benefit of innovation investment — ISKO’s engineering makes this performance possible with recycled fibres. ISKO’s innovative fabrics have woven stretch technology that holds its shape with durability and recovery, Egli says.

In addition to using recycled materials, the fabrics in Lando Studio’s yogawear collection are bluesign® approved, meaning they follow strict safety and environmental standards in the dyeing and finishing process.

So, what comes first — the concept or the design? In this case, the answer is both, and they develop together to create the product. Realising the concept requires collaboration from both sides. According to Ezgi, “to implement impactful solutions we must share knowledge.”


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