POSTED ON Sep 21, 2022

Feeling good is common sense

Over the past several years, including the pandemic lockdown, the fashion pendulum has swung between extreme trends — from a focus on style to a demand for comfort. As we return to a semblance of familiar living, ISKO recognizes a need for a balance between the two. And it’s more than a feeling — it’s a perspective based on market research.

Recently, at the Munich Fabric Start Bluezone show, ISKO Category Leader, Mirela Slowik, spoke on this topic with a panel of fellow experts. With a focus on denim, Bluezone brings a range of industry stakeholders together to showcase product, explore partnerships, and discuss hot topics.

Denim is the most versatile fabric in the world, worn by men and women of all ages from all areas of the globe. But different populations and age groups have different desires, needs, and expectations — and these criteria are in constant evolution.

“After years of skinny jeans dominating the denim market, we began a few years ago to see macrotrends mimicking the looks of the 80s and 90s: high waists and loose silhouettes — you know, like mom-jeans,” says Mirela.

This trend has primarily sprung from Gen Z, with an apparent disdain for skinny. Yet millennials still cling to their skinny looks, and we are even beginning to see the prospects of low-rise once again.

ISKO constantly surveys the market for insights. The latest study surveyed women from the ages 20–55 in the US, UK, and Germany on the topic of stretch. More than 50% of the responses came from women under age 45. When asked if skinny was still part of their wardrobe, 55% of the surveyed participants said yes, and 88% responded that stretch was important. This feedback illustrates an important aspect to make clear: stretch does not necessarily mean skinny.

Mirela explains, “It's a misconception that stretch materials are made for skin-tight looks. In fact, the power of stretch goes far beyond that. With stretch comes performance: shaping, freedom of movement, comfort, and great recovery — meaning your jeans keep their shape and don’t bag out after wear. And this high level of comfort is even more important in menswear.”

These performance qualities will never go out of style because looking and feeling great are no-brainers. Comfort and performance should be applied to any cut, style, or trend, and that’s precisely what ISKO is doing.

So, what does this mean for the fans of high-waisted mom-jeans? “It means that we draw from an 80s and 90s look, but we improve upon it with the sophistication of today’s technologies,” says Mirela. ISKO has been investing in denim technology for decades, employing a diverse team of engineers and researchers dedicated to constantly evolving and upgrading the standards of denim.

Creating a high-performance stretch material is not simply a matter of increasing the amount of elastic. A material’s elasticity is due largely to its construction. ISKO’s patented constructions are unique, and they deliver on what they promise: extreme comfort and product satisfaction.

So, can you buy a rigid jean with the authentic look and stiff feel of the eighties? Sure, but with decades of technological advancements available, why not also feel amazing? ISKO’s investments in technology turn ordinary denim trends into extraordinary trend-plus fashion.


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