POSTED ON Mar 13, 2019

FILLES A PAPA: Unapologetic Denim

Belgian sisters Carol and Sarah Piron came out with their brand name FILLES A PAPA (literally Daddy’s Girls), when they got humorously inspired during a trip to the States at the time when popular girls from wealthy families like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were quite a thing in the boom of reality tv culture.

Since its launch in 2010, the brand always showed through its creations a mixture of casual sassyness, street coolness and a provocative mood. The two sisters, that became with their brand the new enfants terribles of Belgian fashion, said to “We are not attracted to perfect and flawless elegance—what speaks to us is an interesting element that enriches the personality”: their collections, mostly fueled by contemporary trends than red carpet looks, could not be the right fit for any heiress, thanks to their offbeat mood and a bond with the here and now, but can surely fit with a city girl’s mix and match daring wardrobe.

FILLES A PAPA’s attitude reveals an outsider spirit and enjoys playing with different codes. Every piece is positioned to counterbalance the clash of universes and the union of opposing messages, you can read on the duo’s website. The brand has become also an insta-favorite for high-impact influencers and celebrities: Kourtney Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Hailey Baldwin, and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard have all been spotted wearing items from the label.

The Piron sisters have their own distinctive take also on denim: the signature distorted skinny jeans that transfer hip pockets to the front and vice versa is just one example. They played with prints on denim, from camouflage to FILLES A PAPA logo mania, and they often add to their collections denim classics with ripped details like straight or flared jeans and boyfriend jackets. As in their style, they make opposites meet, decorating with undulated crystal pinstripes straight jeans, denim jumpsuit with cut-outs, distorted denim shorts, washed-out denim jackets and pencil front slit skirts.


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