POSTED ON Feb 26, 2019

ISKO formal denim debuts at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards

From durable denim in casualwear to main fabrics for stunning garments for the red carpet: denim never runs out of surprises. During the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018 Tod’s, L’Agence, Laura Strambi, Tiziano Guardini and Denimcratic + Marta Goldschmied chose a responsible denim fabric to create the unexpected formal denim worn by celebrities.

The five brands interpreted the vision of a denim look that is responsible and formal at the same time. From tuxedos to dresses, each interpretation came with an intriguing element of fashion expertise, artisanal work, and had people wonder if it was really denim they were seeing.

Celebrities on the Green Carpet wearing unexpected formal denim.

From tailored men and women tuxedos designed by Tiziano Guardini and L’Agence, to very feminine long gowns in absolute red carpet style created by Tod’s, Laura Strambi and Denimcratic + Marta Goldschmied, the designs surprised not only because of their versatile style that goes from formalwear jackets and pants to ruffles and slinky lines, but also with the colors: from navy and dark blue to an astonishing white.

Each garment had a unique brand story and the choice of the fabric was fundamental in creating the final outcome. From Puglia to Los Angeles, we have filmed the incredible work that went behind creating an untold denim story.

L’Agence’s Jeff Rudes talked us through the creative and production process in his offices in L.A, and attended the final event to meet with Amy Jackson, the insider chosen to wear the unique jacket and pant look.


Part of an on-going project that brings together conscious denim, outstanding brands and celebrities, formal denim will continue to surprise the media through the unexpected.


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