POSTED ON Jul 9, 2021


Providing customers with a 100% post-consumer recycling solution.

ISKO™, the leading premium denim ingredient brand, along with the textile research & development company HKRITA are proud to announce a licensing agreement for the award-winning, revolutionary Green Machine. The Green Machine is a one-of-a-kind technology that fully separates and recycles cotton and polyester blends at a scale suitable for commercialization.

The technology is still in the pilot stage but has already won numerous international innovation awards. It is an additional step in ISKO™’s constant drive to improve and commercialize sustainable technologies, eventually enabling the company to offer a 100% post-consumer recycling solution to all of its customers. In addition, ISKO™ and HKRITA will work hand-in-hand to develop related technology, further strengthening the company’s position as a leader in sustainability.  

"ISKO™ has a total commitment to sustainability and through our Responsible Innovation™ approach, we are constantly looking for new ways of working towards a future with a fully circular fashion industry. Our investment in this new technology is another milestone towards our full circularity vision,” says ISKO™ CEO, Fatih Konukoğlu.

An Industry First

The Green Machine is a first in the industry - it uses an innovative and ultra-efficient hydrothermal treatment method that decomposes cotton into cellulose powders and enables the separation of polyester fibres from blended fabrics. 

This process is a closed-loop using only water, heat, and less than 5% biodegradable green chemicals. Crucially, this method does not damage the polyester fibres and therefore maintains their quality; the cellulose powders, which are clean and toxic-free, can be used in a variety of ways.

“The Green Machine is a ground-breaking recycling technology. Seeing this project become truly commercially viable is wonderful. We are excited to learn that ISKO™ recognises our innovation and applies this recycling solution into its production. The Green Machine will definitely become another green credential of ISKO™,” says Mr. Edwin Keh, Chief Executive Officer of HKRITA.

Sustainability at the Centre

The investment in this new technology is the latest in ISKO™’s ongoing drive for advancements in sustainability. The company’s R-TWO™ programme is working to develop fabrics with a guaranteed minimum 50%+ GRS (Global Recycle Standard) recycled content blend.

 This will significantly reduce the carbon and water footprint of a fabric and make it easy for consumers to trace a garment’s sustainable journey step-by-step from the beginning of the supply chain through to the end product they purchase. 

This technology agreement is one more step towards ISKO™’s commitment to revolutionising the world of fashion and fabrics through innovative sustainable practices.


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