ISKO Vital™

ISKO’s research laboratory combines the company’s expertise in denim and woven technologies with groundbreaking innovation to create wearable health and wellness products.

ISKO Vital™

ISKO’s research laboratory combines the company’s expertise in denim and woven technologies with groundbreaking innovation to create wearable health and wellness products.

Our world has changed. As we face new challenges, our solutions must adapt. 

Introducing ISKO VITAL™+ product line. Developed because we care about you and the planet. Our range of face covers are soft and comfortable to wear. Made from organic cotton, these superior quality face covers are reusable, washable and latex-free.


Unlike disposable face covers, the ISKO Vital™ Face Cover can be worn, washed and reused again and again. The ISKO Vital™ Premium Face Cover is an Eco Friendly face cover that can be washed up to 15 or 30 times depending on the model. They are made with Organic Cotton, and therefore biodegradable and are more sustainable compared to petroleum-based disposable counterparts. They are latex-free, water repellent and our Premium Type I face cover offers certified high bacterial filtration. 

The ISKO Vital™ Face Cover is available in two lines: Premium and Supreme. These versions are developed with a unique 4-fold mask structure design for better and more elegant fit.

Our Premium non-certified Covers come in classic Black and White colours, in Small, Medium and Large. The Supreme range extends this to eight bold shades: White, Black, Grey, Khaki, Purple, Red, Beige, Navy and Indigo. All are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. We have now extended the Premium range to offer colourful patterns and prints. Moreover, in our Supreme Line fabric we used an antimicrobial material from SANITIZED™.

We also offer a Premium Type I face cover which is EN14683 certified. This model available in a basic 3-fold mask structure design, in white, and one standard size (L).

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ISKO Vital™ Compression Technology is the culmination of a multi-year development led by ISKO’s research laboratory. By applying pressure to the body, compression technology facilitates a pumping mechanism that improves the blood flow in the veins, forcing it back to the heart.  


These products help protect the wearer on long haul flights from Economy Class Syndrome.



It can aid recovery after sports, decreasing muscle soreness and allowing better muscle oxygenation.



With massaging properties, it can be helpful for jobs that require prolonged standing.


Cutting-edge Compression solutions

From travel, cycling and high impact training to yoga, wellness and post-exercise recovery, ISKO Vital™ Compression Technology is highly versatile.  A collection of 18 silhouettes demonstrate possible end uses of these cross-functional fabrics. 

There are many benefits associated with wearing garments crafted using the ISKO Vital™ Compression Technology system. 
Sports enthusiasts may benefit from reduced muscle fatigue and soreness, strain prevention, more efficient body movement and improved performance. Whilst improved posture, better muscle oxygenation and micro-massages on the skin of limbs to increase blood circulation contribute to overall health and wellness.

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Made from 100% Cotton, ISKO™ TOUCH provides outstanding performance with a luxurious finish.

ISKO UltraDry™

ISKO UltraDry™ is a high performance finish that provides both moisture management and quick drying.

ISKO Recall™

Flattering and figure-hugging, this second skin material is an extremely durable shape memory fabric that does not deteriorate over time or use. 

ISKO Reform™

Shaping, defining and flattering, ISKO Reform™ manages to do all three with outstanding recovery – every time.

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