POSTED ON Jul 2, 2021

ISKO™ x Soorty

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a partnership with Soorty to transform and introduce new ways of working through fabric production and innovative garment collections. 

When you are working towards the same goals, joining forces with like-minded brands who are just as committed and passionate as you offers the potential to achieve so much more. Our new partnership with denim manufacturing engineers Soorty is one more step towards reaching our sustainability commitments. 

Pushing Boundaries

We are proud to be the first to create this co-opetition in the industry by bringing to the market a new business model, this time focusing on the US market only, that reflects the times we are living in and the constant evolution of systems.

ISKO™️’s story is a testament to our commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries and the endless possibilities of denim. We were the first to create an ingredient brand that could support our customers. Adding value beyond mere fabric production, we made intellectual property protection a true must-have for our sector and we have pioneered sustainability and Responsible Innovation™️ for the fashion industry.

Cooperation over Competition

This collaboration combines ISKO™’s renowned expertise in creating best-in-class, patented technologies with Soorty’s extensive vertical production network, which will be utilized to produce the collections. This unique collaboration opens the door to new business opportunities for both of us, and enables us to meet customers’ needs on a greater scale. 

Through this partnership, we have collaboratively developed a business model that is a first in the industry. It has the potential to change working practices for the better and unlock value for the entire market through the scaling of responsible innovations. 

“With this partnership, we are paving the way towards the implementation of new best practices that will change the industry forever”, said Marco Lucietti, ISKO™ Director of Strategic Projects. “We truly believe that going beyond the traditional conception of competition can really push change for the better: a better service for our customers, a better business and a better future.” 

ISKO Future Face™ by Soorty

The first collaborative effort between the companies sees the launch of the ISKO Future Face™ by Soorty collection. Created using ISKO™’s innovative ISKO Future Face™ technology, it is produced by Soorty specifically for the US market. ISKO Future Face™ is a patented woven fabric that looks like a knit. This fabric innovation combines a soft, silky finish with comfort, enhanced shape retention and a flattering drape, while maintaining all the properties of true denim. 

Asad Soorty, Director of Soorty Enterprises shared: “ISKO Future Face™ by Soorty is a truly game changing offer that can be used to create an endless array of products, all of which are in high demand in both the pandemic and post-pandemic world. We’re hugely excited by the possibilities this opens up for the market.” 

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Looking Forwards

Both ISKO™ and Soorty are at the forefront of sustainability, inclusivity, technology and education in the industry. We are driven by a shared approach that prioritizes synergy, cross-fertilization, and a quest for constant improvement, and look forward to how this partnership will evolve in the future. 


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