POSTED ON Sep 27, 2019

“Light on the Land” – ISKO X Miles Johnson

On September 12th, at the Fremin Gallery in New York City, has been launched “Light on the Land”, a visionary collection created by Miles Johnson in partnership with ISKO. We found many points in common with Miles Johnson, since he has always been, just like ISKO, at the forefront of the sustainable and responsible fashion movement.

Light on the Land Collection

The capsule collection, designed by Miles Johnson and our ISKO Creative Room™, presents pieces for both men and women, created following high standards of innovation. In fact, for the collection Miles worked side by side with the ISKO’s Research & Development team using the ISKO R-TWO program, which combines a mix of reused and recycled materials.

The project was made possible by the fact that the reused cotton comes from ISKO’s own production loss, which is continuously tracked and traced, with also the CCS (Content Claim Standard) certification. The reused cotton was then combined with recycled polyester as well and, depending on the content, fabrics can have the RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification or GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

Responsible, sustainable and innovative: Miles and the ISKO team carefully crafted together the 34 designs joining forces at the Creative Room™ in Italy. From jackets to bum bags and jeans, all the pieces of “Light on the Land” are made using low impact materials as well as responsible finishing techniques. Want to know the responsible design principles incorporated by these unique styles? Minimal washing, removable trims of eco-metal, natural-based buttons and labels and embroidered rivets are only a few of the solutions adopted during the making.

Six of the pieces from the capsule collection are made even more unique by environmental messages by the artist Giulio Miglietta that have been embroidered on them: from “Stay Blue!” to “Make it Clean”, you can choose your own message to support sustainability and wear it on wherever you go. Last but not least, these garments are built to last: this simply means that the more you wear these pieces, the more beautiful they become.


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