ISKO Luxury by PG

ISKO Luxury by PG is premium, luxury denim. Created by designer, Paolo Gnutti, the Born to Amaze collection combines refined creativity with ISKO’s most advanced and sustainable fabric innovations. Bringing a modern perspective to classic design, its high-end appeal defines the next era of premium denim.


Charmy merges vintage military looks with the charm and seduction of haute couture. This attractive collection is unique and full of personality.

Blob Trotters

Blob Trotters is a streetwear-friendly denim with sparks of opulence. This surprising combination is perfect for the wanderlust soul.

Aurum Denim

Aurum Denim accents black, indigo, and ecru with gold thread, creating a high-end, jewel-like garment in the wardrobe.

Glamour Rock

Glamour Rock is captivating, chic, and shocking with high and low effects on shades of grey. The rock theme is both theatrical and refined.

Reef Denim

Reef Denim creates 3D designs with flock. The metallic bronze, gold, and silver shades are reminiscent of tropical reef silhouettes.

Disko Denim

Disko Denim uses coloured foils to create sparkling and luminous effects on denim. Its chic look is one-of-a-kind.

Casanova Denim

Casanova Denim uses lasers and laundry to accent the gold and silver base of the fabrics. The effect recreates the splendour of a bygone era.

Peach Denim

Peach Denim creates velvety and silky effects on denim, making it a chameleon-like fabric. The iconic looks range from clean to vintage.

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge Denim is a collection of authentic selvedge denim. These fabrics are produced with the traditional techniques of the 1800s.

Paolo Gnutti

Paolo Gnutti has dedicated his life to denim innovation and creativity. Gnutti began his career more than 35 years ago and is considered a “wizard” of the indigo world. Gnutti’s skills span from knowledge of the yarn to garment finishing, and every production stage in between. He is constantly developing his skills to bring unforgettable and unique concepts to the textile field.

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