POSTED ON Feb 26, 2019

M1992: when the past tastes like the future

Before becoming a designer, Dorian Tarantini made music history as the resident DJ of the London Loves Friday night at the legendary Plastic Club in Milan. The club hosted celebrities like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Grace Jones during its long history as the most iconic milanese club.

Innovative catwalk featuring pieces from the Arquas collection for the ironic patterns.

The kaleidoscopic mix of references, codes and artsy attitudes that used to animate milanese nights is still a powerful trademark of Dorian’s vision. For the FW2019 the designer went back to his love for the iconography of Britpop, the movement that made him popular among the coolest kids in the city.

The collection matches contemporary features with nostalgia: the outfits bring together the ‘60s and the ‘90s but are printed in HD on woven technology from the ARQUAS™ collection, giving the pieces an incredible edgy look. Thanks to the innovative technology used, the outfits get a “trompe l’oeil” appeal, shouted by the ultra-defined prints that at the same time highlight the hyper-realistic figures of the images and grab the attention of whomever’s looking. The elements in the picture, with bold colors and in sharpened definition, seem to just pop out of the flat lines of the different pieces.

For the SS2019 collection, the designer thought of a suburban, dystopian future in which denim, styled with a ‘90s feel in collaboration with Creative Room™, was the protagonist of an overlayering game made of baggy jeans, jackets, shorts and hoodies. Urbanwear not only for the eyes: some of the denim fabrics in the collection used the ISKO Reform™ stretch technology, which helps the jeans keep their shape without needing to be washed, meaning less laundry and in turn, also a lower environmental footprint.


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