We pursue outstanding innovations and are always marching forward in the denim world, with a constant eye on sustainability.

Our patented technologies have revolutionized the denim industry. Our mission is to craft the classics of tomorrow through pioneering creativity and determined innovation.


Made from 100% Cotton, ISKO Pop™ provides outstanding performance with the most luxury finish.

ISKO Future Face™

Another first for ISKO, ISKO Future Face™ offers a silk-like finish with all the properties of denim.

ISKO Reform™

Shaping, defining and flattering, ISKO Reform™ manages to do all three with outstanding recovery – every time. 

ISKO UltraDry™

ISKO UltraDry™ is a high-performance finish that provides both moisture management and quick drying.

ISKO™ Cosy

The secret of ISKO™ Cosy denim’s coziness is that finer fabrics give a softer fabric for thermal insulation and wind protection.

ISKO™ Selvedge

ISKO™ Selvedge brings together a 100-year-old woven technique into the 21st century thanks to constant research and innovation.


Featuring: ISKO Blue Skin™

ISKO Vital™

The world's first woven compression technology for those who choose to follow an active, dynamic and healthy lifestyle. A collection of 18 different bottom silhouettes for sportswear, athleisure, wellness and travel.

ISKO Scratch & Jean™

A 3D innovative denim technology for customized designs. It is the very first tri-dimensional denim envisioned as a canvas for artistic effects.

ISKO Rigidflex™

Everyday denim that offers a vintage aesthetic with modern innovation. The result is genuine style with enough stretch for maximum comfort.

ISKO™ Nude Skin

One of the lightest weights available in denim, ISKO Blue Skin™ Nude Skin offers easy stretch performance while staying tight, like second skin.


One of our proudest innovations, JEGGINGS™ crafts a second-skin feeling with the look of denim.

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We Care

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