POSTED ON Jun 6, 2019

Sustainability in fashion is not an option

With climate breakdown making the headlines, fashion is called to create a renewed kind of responsibility: from sustainable supply chains to influencers, from cultural barriers to recycling, every brand is experiencing a new and ever changing landscape.
Furthermore, the world population is developing a whole new set of values related to the environment, and this attitude defines lifestyle choices in health, beauty and fashion.


Rosey Cortazzi, our global marketing director, while interviewed by The Times, stated that “Transparency and traceability matter. Just as people are concerned about the food they put in their bodies, they question what they wear on their skin, conscious of the environmental and social impact of their choices”.

During these controversial times, it’s crucial to verify multiple responsibility criteria, as we do constantly for all our products. An outstanding example is the ISKO Earth Fit™ collection, one of the highest points of our sustainable offer: a denim fabric collection that forms an integral part of our responsible innovation strategy, which has been awarded with the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel.

The Fashion Economy special report, published by Raconteur in The Times, helps understand the current global situation and makes a point about fashion and sustainability. The report explores the consumer-driven trends facing the industry, the ways businesses are adapting to the new scenario, and how businesses can digitally transform their supply chains in order to meet objectives of responsibility.



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