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At ISKO™, sustainability is a key building block in our brand DNA. We know our decisions have a sweeping effect that goes far beyond us. From ISKO™’s inception, we’ve invested in committing ourselves to the sustainable process. We’re constantly building on our knowledge of the denim industry, and developing a better understanding of our place within the fashion world. 

ISKO R-TWO™ is our latest sustainable evolution in denim. The fabrics included in the new R-TWO™ program contain a mix of reused and / or recycled materials, improving sourcing efficiency throughout the entire field-to-fabric production. The strategy behind the initiative places avoidance of any kind of waste right at the heart of our program, with creative and effective solutions for how to source, reuse and dispose of any and all materials used.

The Waste Hierarchy: Turning Thoughts into Action

ISKO R-TWO™ revolves around the Waste Hierarchy. The Waste Hierarchy sets out the order of priority for managing resources based on their environmental impact. In our case, this centres on the use of cotton. Avoidance of every kind of waste is always our highest priority. Where waste is completely unavoidable, we will reuse, recycle, or recover wasted resources. This  includes energy recovery. When disposal is the only viable option, we manage it in the most environmentally responsible way possible to help recover the energy resources that went into making the product.

ISKO’s Sustainability Waste Hierarchy Chart: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The use of reused cotton is truly pioneering in significant impact reduction. Cotton begins its life being collected from vast fields, then it undergoes a ginning process, which produces fibre. Finally, it is spun into yarn. When the raw cotton is processed into yarn, 10% of it is typically expected to be lost as waste. At this stage ISKO™ differentiates itself as we continually trace, track, and monitor this loss and reuse the cotton by adding it back into the spinning process.

At ISKO™ we blend certified recycled polyester materials with the reused cotton to create R-TWO™. Producing recycled polyester uses less energy than making virgin polyester and lessens the dependence on petroleum as a raw material. Both factors reduce our overall carbon footprint. Depending on the percentage of certified recycled polyester used, our R-TWO™ fabric can either be GRS (Global Recycle Standard) or RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified.

In the spirit of ISKO™’s commitment to responsible innovation, we introduce the pioneering R-TWO™ concept, featuring new fabrics made by blending reused cotton and recycled polyester. The energy used to make recycled polyester is less than the amount to make virgin polyester. Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as a raw material reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Rethinking the cycle 
At ISKO™ we RETHINK our sourcing strategies and REFUSE to source more material than we need. Our waste management innovations REDUCE environmental performance impact of yarn to fabric production by using REUSED and RECYCLED materials

Responsible Innovation

When you’re always learning, innovating and pioneering; you change. This means our approach to sustainability is constantly changing too. And always for the better. As our denim solutions get more creative, our dedication to sustainability gets sharper and more inventive in tandem. Neither are mutually exclusive to us. Success is only possible when we’re truly innovating in our products and solutions, as well as in our sustainable ideas. 

ISKO R-TWO™ x Miles Johnson

We recently partnered with British designer Miles Johnson to craft an extraordinary collection Light of the Land. From jackets to jeans, each unique piece was made using low impact materials and responsible design principles. Our sustainable solutions included minimal washing, removable trims of eco-metal, natural based buttons and labels and embroidered rivets. Above all, everything is built to last; to be used and reused, again and again.

Save the whales with sustainable fashion

What is sustainable fashion? 

Sustainable fashion is a movement and practice of fostering change in the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and justice. Sustainable fashion goes beyond textiles, but extends to our values and conduct as an industry. It requires all of us to come together as a collective, hand in hand, and agree to put the needs of our planet above ourselves. ISKO™ is bound to this ethos, and we place it at the centre of our actions, processes and products.

Why do you care about sustainability?

We care about sustainable denim and fashion because we know that our actions have an impact that goes beyond just us. We get to choose if our influence is constructive, forward-looking and advanced, or short-term and insular. We choose the former, always, without exception. We proudly take the responsibility of crafting a pioneering approach to have the positive impact we believe in as a business. 

How do I make sure your denim is sustainable? 

There are several internationally recognised chain of custody certification standards that ensure and certify the integrity of sustainability processes. Some of these include the GRS (Global Recycle Standard), RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) and CCS (Content Claim Standard).

ISKO R-TWO™ reused cotton is CCS certified, and our recycled polyester is GRS or RCS certified depending on the fabric content. ISKO™ has a legacy of sustainable certification in all our products. 


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