POSTED ON May 15, 2019

Taylor Stitch Organic ’68 Selvage: for those who give a damn

You can clearly hear it in the short film: “Someone say we didn’t need to do this”, but Taylor Stitch puts responsibility at the core of their business, and couldn’t help but creating new innovative products that make a real difference.
In this occasion, the brand took their favorite jeans and jackets, the ‘68 Organic Selvage, and combined their design with ISKO™ Selvedge technology made out of 100% Organic Cotton: the new edition is a celebration of the brand’s commitment to building the best possible clothing while pledging to limit their environmental impact.

Taylor Stitch ‘68 Organic Selvage by ISKO Denim

The responsibility is own by the stubborn
Reinventing the timeless takes time, and since noone’s ever made an organic selvage denim like ’68 Organic Selvage before, Taylor Stitch had to start from scratch: this wasn’t easy and it took so much time and efforts, but finally the brand, in partnership with ISKO, created its best fitting denim ever, built for the long haul.

For Taylor Stitch it was crucial then to find the perfect partner willing to take on their innovative and responsible denim ideas. With this purpose in mind they had to search the ends of the earth, and finally a close friend introduced them to ISKO. As the leading maker of premium quality denim with over 100 years of experience and Responsible Innovation at the heart of its business, Isko was the perfect match for this ambitious project.

The Democratic Jean in Organic '68 Selvage

From seed to sew
The pieces that came out from the collaboration are the result of an integrated field-to-fabric approach in every step of the value chain. Available in SlimDemocratic fits, the jeans match their signature design with a modernized stretch and a unique texture to create a newly refreshed heritage.

The Slim Jean in Organic '68 Selvage

The Long Haul Jacket, available also in the 24 Month Wash version, has been made for the first time in 100% organic materials, matching the tensile stretch with the benefits of traditional denim, and built to last.

The Long Haul Jacket in Organic '68 Selvage
The Long Haul Jacket

Taylor Stitch and ISKO’s collaboration involves process innovation that leads to a dramatically diminished impact on the environment, including reclaiming and reducing the use of water and energy during manufacturing: a true partnership in sustainability that represent another important step towards greater responsibility for the long haul. 


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