POSTED ON Mar 13, 2019

The comfort masterpieces of PETER NON

During these times in which sneakers have become the most common alternative to heels, there are some unique brands that pursue an exquisite italian expertise, giving also their products an elegant design twist, playing with shapes, textures and colors.

That’s what Peter Non’s research is all about. The brand in fact describes their product as “non-shoe”, as something that is not made for this or that, but as shoes that transcend function. Something that you slip on easily with a simple movement, without even thinking about it.

Also the name of the brand puts together two different concepts that match to express the brand’s soul. The name Peter comes from the Greek “petros” that means stone: it conveys the idea of something that is solid, durable and multifaceted, almost eternal. The surname, Non, recalls the concept of “non-shoe”, something that is just more comfortable than common shoes, and embodies the Venetian origins of the brand.

The brand aims at creating masterpieces, shoes handcrafted for comfort, no matter if they’re flat, heeled or wedged. The lines, with their distinctive shapes, are often declined with different fabrics and textures.Peter Non uses ISKO Blue Skin™, the 4-way stretch denim fabric that moves freely, to craft some of their platform sandals, giving them a brilliant shade of blue without losing the signature comfort of their creations.


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