POSTED ON May 7, 2019

The denim story of a unique connection by Pikeur

The Denim Story of Pikeur for Vogue Italia portrays the relationship between a horse and its rider, highlighting the details with an alternation of black and white shades. The short movie focuses on the majesty of the horse and the special, unique connection that the jockey shares with the steed. We met Dino Zoor, that directed the video, and had a chat to know more about his relationship with denim and how he developed the concept at the heart of the story.

Denim Story of Pikeur for Vogue

How is your relationship with denim and how do you think it translates into a visual story?
I love denim. I find myself wearing a denim garment almost every day. When I had this chance of shooting a video with denim as a protagonist, even if the world represented was a bit far from what I generally shoot, I was very happy.

How did you come up with the storyboard?
It was very easy to find a story for Pikeur. Since the brand produces specialized clothing for sports, which can only be used in certain contexts, the choice was limited, but this gave me the opportunity to focus on what was actually possible to do.I was inspired by those famous commercials that put the horse and its jockey at the center of the video.

What kind of brand did you want to represent?
I represented the Pikeur brand, that was a whole new world to me. I wasn’t close to the equestrian world, so it was really electrifying and inspiring to portray the majesty of the horse and the relationship with its rider. I could not say which Pikeur piece hit me the most, it was all extremely interesting.

Do you have a favorite denim piece?
I often wear a denim jacket, especially during the summer. I have no anecdotes or special stories about it, but denim is part of it and it’s definitely part of my life.

What's the challenge of telling the story of an ingredient brand like ISKO denim?
The biggest challenge for me was to jump into a world I knew little about. I had to relate to a particular kind of sporty denim created for a specific use, which is not the typical one for daily use. I think it is a very particular kind of denim, certainly very different from the others by Isko…but I really enjoyed this challenge.


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