POSTED ON Feb 26, 2019

The ECOuture world of Tiziano Guardini

The eco-revolution in fashion has started, and Tiziano Guardini, is one designer not only actively contributing to it, but also bringing a fresh air of innovation in the sourcing of the materials and the production process.

Born in Rome during the 80s, after earning a degree in economics, he decides to change his career path and become a fashion designer. Since then, he started to make it big worldwide with his collections, deeply inspired in sustainability, like the denim fur piece: fascinating, contemporary, and above all made out of responsible denim.

In 2017 Tiziano won the Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, and during the same year he received the Peta Couture Award. In 2018 He took part in the Green Carpet Fashion Awards once again, creating two stunning pieces for which denim was treated with such a versatile, luxurious touch that looked totally unexpected, having people wonder if it was really denim they were seeing on celebrities.

The A/W 2019/20 Fashion show, The city is a jungle, defines the ancestral bond between women and nature.

The A/W 2019/20  Fashion show, The city is a jungle, is centered on Passion, Strenght, Beauty and Love, and defines the ancestral bond between women and nature, playing with animalier, colors and a renewed sophistication. The denim pieces are worked manually and with lasers, giving new shapes and texture looks to the ISKO fabrics: for this collection Tiziano used ISKO Blue Skin™ from the ISKO Earth fit™ line, and ISKO Scratch & Jean™.  The mood is that of a woman that is empowered, contemporary and aware of her power… And you’re going to hear her ROAR.

From a sharp tailored men’s tuxedo in a deep navy blue shade to a white dreamy dress flowing in ruffles and wavy lines worn respectively by Hu Bing and Stefania Spampinato, his creations came with an intriguing dose of experimentation, fashion expertise and artisanal work. For Spampinato’s dress, made in denim and white silk, Tiziano said he created “a dress that changes as it moves, that comes to life”. While for Hu Bing he chose a precious handmade embroidery on the jacket, to give the piece that unique feeling of something created by human hands alone.

Sustainability is a state of mind for Tiziano, who said: “When I create my collections I pay attention to the impact that my products have on the environment and I produce garments that are cruelty-free”. Plenty of attention is paid to materials and processing, but also to the human boundaries of and the planet, which is seen as sacred by the designer: “I think it is important we enjoy and wear things that create harmony between us and nature”.


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