POSTED ON Mar 26, 2019

Filles à Papa's denim journey into deep

Bonasia & Narcisi directed the Denim Story of FILLES A PAPA for Vogue Italia, a journey that stays suspended in between nature and urban landscapes, neon and sunlight, showing the versatile soul of denim, that can go from the morning to the night and vice versa. We met the two directors to discover their take on denim, and to know what was the inspiration for this short movie they shot for the brand by Carol and Sarah Piron.

The Denim Story by Filles A Papa

How is your relationship with denim and how do you think it translates into a visual story?
Denim has always been a safe place for everyone. Simplicity and efficiency, never being boring, representing democracy in fashion as Armani would say. Denim has the potential to express freedom, so visually we had the chance to show this through our group of protagonists.

How did you come up with the storyboard?
For this film Into deep we were looking for an impactful feeling, something that could give as much as possible to the viewer, the emotion… whatever it is. 
We didn't have precise inspirations. As it usually happens to us, we were just going with the flow, which is exactly what our story talks about. Be real, do what you want, be free and simple, just like denim.

What kind of brand did you want to represent?
There's not a favorite part of this collection we wanted to show. It fits very well our protagonists, almost building a proper personality for all of them. Personally, we guess the white denim total look is the coolest.

Do you have a favorite denim piece?
We have always been wearing denim and we still do; there's one piece that I still cherish in my heart and that represents the latest years. A very consumed and used denim jacket that i mixed together with a leather chiodo. It got burned.

What's the challenge of telling the story of an ingredient brand like ISKO denim?
The challenge is always the same: building something that represents your style and vision, and finding the way to transmit it at the same time into someone else’s vision, in this case that of ISKO. It's all about creating something that has the potential to work in every condition, and when this happens you win that challenge.


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