POSTED ON Jul 1, 2019

The Pieszak Denim Love Affair

When She talks about her first pair of jeans, received at the age of six, She still has shining eyes. Henriette Pieszak always had clear ideas about what She wanted to do with her life: in fact, since the age of eighteen She started her first internship in Italy, getting to know everything about denim, washing and weaving techniques included.

When Henriette talks about sustainability, She adds that the subject “touches her heart”. With Pieszak, She created a brand that not only is feminine and fashion-forward, but that also has a consistent sustainable mindset. In fact, the denim powerhouse has joined the exclusive club of denim with care, powered by ISKO and committed to integrity and traceability, and has been certified with the prestigious Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel.

For Henriette transparency is necessary: customers need to know where their denim is produced and how it has been made, and in her perspective this is the only possible future for fashion. She highlights the fact that everything in the process must be done in the correct way, from production to social responsibility: “We must take care of the planet”, she stated as a conclusion.

For Henriette is fundamental to get your sustainability wish aligned with your brand. Like Pieszak, also Tomorrow Denim, the latest brand She launched, carries the Nordic Swan and the EU Ecolabel. She underlined the fact that you must make sure with the right certifications that your brand meets all the environmental excellency standards and customer’s need, and at the same time also concentrate on the perfect fit and on the fresh, timeless charm that only denim can give to an outfit.


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