POSTED ON May 18, 2021

ISKO™ 2022 Collection VOL.1 

Transformation is often the accumulation of committed, intentional steps and advancements just as much as giant leaping innovations. With Responsible Innovation™ at the centre, we are proud to announce the ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol.1, which is the result of our longstanding commitment to sustainable innovation and is all about taking your aspirations and dreams to a new level, with comfort, style colour options and with surprising new editions. 

ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol.1 is made with 100% R-TWO™ technology. All fabrics in this collection contain a mix of reused and/or recycled materials, with a reduction and the elimination of waste as our ultimate objective. 

New Stories to Tell

ISKO™ collections provide platforms for new stories to tell and new ways to imagine the future of fashion, and the 2022 Collection Vol.1 is no exception. Composed of four lifestyles, each group of fabrics lays the foundation for new expressions of style, without compromise. 


ISKO™ Denim Lovers: New but Authentic

Classic cuts and perfect fits come to life in this collection of 80s style fabrics, ranging from inspired vintage colours to structured work-wear and mid to heavy-weight fabrics. Perfect for denim aficionados around the world, offering authentic concepts in a rich variety of indigo shades in addition to black and grey colours.

Ranging from rigid denim fabrics to more contemporary ones, Denim Lovers uses innovative technologies such as ISKO Xmen’s™, ISKO Reform™, ISKO Pop™ and ISKO™ Vintouch and Vulcano advanced finishes.


ISKO™ Simplify: When Less is More

Incorporating innovative technologies with an authentic aesthetic, Simplify encompasses that classic look that makes styling for any occasion easy. It’s about minimal designs and high quality materials; this lifestyle is the perfect balance between comfort and fashion.

Our unique technologies such as ISKO™ Rigid, ISKO™ Comfort, ISKO Pop™, ISKO Reform™ HP, ISKO Reform™ XP, ISKO Xmen’s™ and ISKO Rigidflex™ work hard to make simple seem easy with this collection of lifestyle fabrics.


ISKO™ Comfy: Let your Wardrobe Match Reality

Laidback and comfortable but with no compromise on style or fashion, this lifestyle elevates at home style. It’s a working from home luxe look with fabrics that provide dynamic stretch, allowing for easy movement. In addition, the fabrics are made from blending man-made cellulosic fibers such as rayon and modal to create unbeatable softness. 

Offering light-to-mid weight fabrics, the Comfy lifestyle incorporates well-known ISKO™ technologies such as Jeggings™, ISKO Pj Soft™ and ISKO Bluejym™ – all of them providing maximum comfort – with classic indigo shades and black and white options.


ISKO™ Euphoria

Bold and fearless, this lifestyle is the ultimate expression of style through ISKO™ fabrics and technologies. Extravagant and polished, Euphoria is fashion-forward, featuring a range that varies from light-weight to mid-weight fabrics in various shades of indigo.

Euphoria includes shades such as mint and purple and relies on finishes such as ISKO™ Vintouch, ISKO EFD™ and ISKO™ Rainbow to achieve innovative, and disruptive results on technologies such as ISKO Pop™ and ISKO Xmen’s™.


Redefining the Impossible 

Committed to constant change, we are always learning, innovating, and pioneering. We pursue outstanding innovations in denim fabric production, with a continual focus on sustainability, and ISKO™ 2022 Collection Vol.1 is no exception. Ranging from groundbreaking technologies, finishes and colours to revive our signature features, we are making the impossible possible with our products and setting higher innovation standards for the entire industry.

Our passion for a cleaner, safer, natural world continues to influence and inspire a new generation of fabrics and trims. Looking forward, advancement in materials and processes is essential to transforming the industry and changing the way that denim is made.

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