POSTED ON Feb 9, 2022

Branded Stories: ISKO™️ x Lando Studio

From plantable tags to carbon-neutral delivery, Lando Studio is a sustainable activewear brand on a mission. Since launching in 2020, they ask the question “Is there a better way to produce our clothes?”.


 According to Founder Ezgi Utan, the main ingredient in Lando Studio’s DNA is transparency. “I strongly believe in transparency. Hand in hand with our partners and suppliers, we try to maintain a sustainable fashion mentality, using all-natural and eco-friendly materials, supporting FairTrade and having equal working conditions. We are so proud to be able to show who made each of our eco-friendly clothes and under what conditions they were made,” she says.

ISKO™ and Lando Studio have been working together since 2019, after a visit to their manufacturing site in Turkey left Utan no questions as to who she wanted as their sustainable fabric supplier.

“I was so impressed by the way ISKO™ cares for the environment, the level of technology they are using and the innovative mindset of the whole team,” says Utan. As an activewear brand, technology is key for Lando Studio. “We have selected ISKO™’s sustainable woven fabrics that provide unmatched levels of comfort, innovation and style,” she says.

Low-impact, responsible athleisure


 For Utan, sustainability is central to all facets of her business. This includes creating partnerships that are centred on shared values and “ways of working that support and work for us all”. Last year encapsulated all of that, when Lando Studio launched their 2020 collection at the Neonyt exhibition in Berlin, the global hub for innovation, sustainability and technology.

According to Utan, the star of the show was ISKO™’s game-changing fabric concept, Arquas™. “While having the look and feel of typical athleisure wear, its textile solutions feature the latest woven fabric technologies, ensuring greater recovery and durability,” Utan explains. “Featuring performance properties, such as UV and wind protection, Arquas™ is ideal for sportswear apparel. And as it incorporates certified recycled materials, it goes easy on the environment.”

Lando Studio’s partnership with ISKO™ brings sustainable credentials to the brand. “We are so proud of the fact that our fabric is now Bluesign™ Approved,” says Utan. Along with  Arquas™, Lando Studio uses ISKO Blueskin™, which Utan describes as “an advanced fabric concept offering great recovery and durability as well as 360° freedom of movement,” and ISKO Recall™, “a patented technology with sustainability at its core,” she says. “It makes sure that the garment keeps its shape with no need for frequent washes, saving water and energy. The result is a responsible fabric for a flattering fit that embraces the silhouette.”

Utan was also drawn to ISKO’s R-TWO™ program, which merges certified recycled materials to combat waste production. “This premium textile innovation is safe for the planet and ideal for the fashion-focused, performance-driven wearer,” she says.

RAs Lando Studio continues to forge a new path for activewear, what’s next for this forward-thinking fashion brand? “For the fashion industry to be innovative and sustainable, it requires partnerships between like-minded companies and organisations,” says Utan. “It’s clear to me that having the support of a company with the same values and ethos as my own is the vital element needed to fuel innovation and power the move towards sustainable fashion.”


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