POSTED ON Oct 11, 2021

Fluid forms: ISKO™ x Bianca Saunders

Fresh from winning the prestigious ANDAM Award for 2021, British designer Bianca Saunders has launched her Spring/Summer 2022 ‘Henchmen’ collection, featuring ISKO™’s sustainable-certified denim. Known for her experimental designs that blur the lines between tailored and casual, Bianca creates effortless fluidity in her looks, pushing the boundaries of fabric and form.

With innovation, sustainability and experimentation at its core, the rising star’s second collaboration with ISKO™ strengthens the natural synergy between the two brands, as they share their passion for protecting the planet. 

Effortless ease

Drawing inspiration from the carefree style of summers before the rise of digital photography, Bianca Saunders’ Spring/Summer 2022 collection channels an unselfconscious ease. 

“I was looking at photos of my family my mum took when she went to Jamaica aged 18, the colours in the photos and how the style was in-between casual and tailored,” says Bianca. “I was also thinking about muscle men, with prints distorted as if stretched over their bodies, and arm shapes curved round.”

In ‘Henchmen’, Bianca reimagines the male form, using ISKO™ denim to create fluid silhouettes that play with the notions of cut and tailoring. Twisted seams and heavy stitching add gravitas to an indigo denim jacket with matching jeans, crafted from innovative ISKO R-TWO™ technology. ISKO EFD™ ecru denim fabric lends a graceful fluidity to the soft fall of jeans, anchored by a structured ecru zip-front jacket.  

Responsible design

As pioneers in sustainable denim, finding creative solutions via innovation and collaborations with passionate young designers like Bianca Saunders is at the heart of everything we do. 

Created using ISKO EFD™ innovative technology, the ecru fabric effectively skips the pre-bleaching process to vastly reduce the use of energy, chemicals and water. Also key to Bianca’s collection is our ISKO R-TWO™ technology, which minimises raw materials, resulting in a lower carbon and water footprint than traditional denim. 

In once again collaborating with ISKO™, Bianca signals her ongoing commitment to responsible design, as she consciously seeks to minimise the environmental impact of her designs. While drawing inspiration from the carefree days of the past, Bianca’s latest collection looks firmly towards the future.

Our commitment to sustainability and Responsible Innovation™ is the driver behind everything we do, from our business model to our products, everything we make and everyone we partner with.

Learn more about ISKO R-TWO™ technology


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