POSTED ON Oct 12, 2021

ISKO R-TWO™ 50+: Engineered for nature

At ISKO™, sustainability is at the core of our DNA. We know that a lot goes into the production of denim. Creativity. Craftsmanship. Self-expression. And, all too often, precious natural resources. 

ISKO™ believes denim can be made better – which is why we’re constantly refining and re-engineering our production processes, paving the way for a sustainable fashion revolution. Building on the foundations of our R-TWO™ sustainable denim programme, ISKO™ introduces R-TWO™ 50+, a ground-breaking new range of denim fabrics made with a minimum 50% pre and post-consumer recycled content. 

Leading from the ground up

ISKO™ refuses to compromise on the wellbeing of our planet – but we also refuse to compromise on quality. Part of our Responsible Innovation™ approach, ISKO™’s latest advancements embed material circularity into the production process, while ensuring all of the unique properties found in our stunning, high-quality denims remain

Thanks to our patented yarn-spinning technology, R-TWO™ 50+ fabrics are stronger and more durable than traditional open-end constructions. Designed to last a lifetime, these sustainable denim fabrics also have excellent shape recovery, a soft cotton hand-feel, and dry up to 20% more quickly.


We believe our industry must be smarter with its use of natural resources, and that commitment stems from the ground up at ISKO™. Careful fibre selection is paramount to the ISKO R-TWO™ 50+ process, reducing carbon and water footprints by up to 45% and 65% respectively, and significantly reducing pressure on the natural world. 


Using recycled polyester made from recycled bottles, along with recycled cotton, our innovative yarn-spinning technology creates stunning, stronger fabrics that support a greener world. As all R-TWO™ 50+ sustainable denim fabrics are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, denim lovers can be assured of their commitment to the environment when buying sustainable jeans. 


Key to the ISKO R-TWO™ 50+ production is the reuse of cotton that would normally be lost in the spinning process. By embedding this material circularity into everything we do.

We are designing out waste while designing beautiful denim. We’ve also drastically reduced the amount of water we use, while increasing the amount of water we reuse, ensuring we don’t exhaust the world’s most precious resource.  

Looking to the future

“We are extremely proud of R-TWO™50+ and our advancements that open up a new frontier of Responsible Innovation™”, says ISKO’s Head of Sustainability, Ebru Özküçük. “Our vision goes beyond just using low-impact materials and extends to ISKO’s culture and systems. We believe that in order to make a credible and comprehensive industry roadmap towards sustainability, the carbon footprint must evaluate that the products, and also the processes, are executed responsibly. This is the only way to try and eradicate greenwashing.” 

Global goals

By pioneering best practices for the fashion industry, and raising the bar when it comes to transparency and responsibility, ISKO R-TWO™50+ empowers the entire supply chain, accelerating ways for brands to meet their low-impact targets.

At every step of the way, ISKO™ is fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We continuously strive to close the loop with circulatory solutions for all types of textile waste, ensuring the longevity of our product life and the planet.

Key targets include: reducing C02 emissions by 50% by 2030; creating zero waste in production by 2025; using only recycled, reused or chain-of-custody-certified materials by 2022; and enhancing renewable water efficiency by reusing and recycling all process water by 2025. 

How do I make sure my denim has sustainable credentials?

ISKO™ has a legacy of 3rd party verified certifications in all our products and processes. There are several internationally recognised chain of custody certification standards that ensure the integrity of sustainability processes. Some of these include the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and Content Claim Standard (CCS).

ISKO™ is also the first player in the fashion market to have achieved an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) score, which measures a company’s sustainability and societal impact. This grading is a testament to ISKO™’s ongoing efforts towards transparency and accountability.


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